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Italian Ch SnowDowne Dolcevita Golden Years
Owner: Monica Rigoldi

Sire:  Ch SnowDowne’s Bold & Bountiful
Dam:  SnowDowne Midnight Blues
Date of Birth:  January 10, 2007

Click Here To See Dolce’s Pedigree

Dolce has his father’s good bone and body and his mother’s nice movement. Dolce won 2nd place in his class at the 2008 Euro Show. Their was a lot of competition in this class, and Monica did a beautiful job presenting him.

Monica’s family is completely devoted to Dolce and he has his own pet, their parrot named CeCe!  CeCe and Dolce appear to be having a great time together.

Dolce is available at stud and has already produced some very nice puppies.



Dea: Monica is a VERY talented artist. She hand painted all the trophies for the 19th Euro show in 2006. She was kind enough to give Colleen and I each a lovely piece of porcelain that she hand painted an OES on. Colleen and I both consider these to be one of our prized possessions.  

Dolce winning
Dolce gaiting in Europe
Dolce and the parrot
Monica and Daughters
dolce in snow

Dea: I couldn’t resist including this picture of Monica and her two daughters. Jessica is on the right and Asja is on the left. Her husband is Giampietro.

Monica’s older daughter served as our interpreter several times. Her younger daughter is the cutest little girl, I just wanted to hug her all the time!   

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